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We are a Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising + Web Design Company.

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We understand how important displaying your product and services, at a trade show can enrich your message to attract future potential clientele for your business.Banners exhibit vital communication about your

Presentation Design

We are here to make your presentation look clean, sharp and professionally done. Let Computergraphic1design, design your project in Digital Design, PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint and Pitch Deck design for business

Print Design

We custom design or redesign your project to make it print ready for the printing press. Whether it is for a postcards, business cards, Magazines, Show Bills, Booklets, Event Tickets,

Magazine Catalog, Booklet Design & Digital Publication

We also design for digital publication, for all your electronic devices. Once approved by you, our professional printing team, we will print your projects.Please call 570.580.2222 or fill out the

Secretarial Services

Computergraphic1design secretarial services perform a wide range of administrative and office support for the small and large companies and organizations, we will team up with your staff or become a part of

About Us

    Computergraphic1design was founded a decade ago, which started with nothing more than one graphic designer, a desk and a chair, now we have a team of graphic designers with a zest for artistic creation and vision that allow us to partner with our clients as an extension of their company.

    We provide custom graphic design, website design, marketing and advertising for small & large business. We also design for print, digital presentation as well as provide promotional items and secretarial services.

Our Work

Here are some examples of our work. We are here waiting on your call to help you with all of your projects need and Challenges.